CloudFest 2022 » Expert Panel » Helping Older SMBs Digitize

Digitalization of SMBs has the potential to add trillions of new dollars to the cloud economy in the coming decade, and to accelerate economic recovery. So far, it has been slowed by factors such as access to available skilled talent and a lack of easy onboarding for SMBs not used to new technology. In exploring how to overcome this and unlock the vast potential of getting SMBs out of their old IT closets, Claudia Frese (CEO, @STRATO AG ), Paolo Storti (CEO, @Zextras), and Pascal Bitterly (Head of Marketing, Flexible Engine Cloud, @Orange Business Services ) discussed trust, education, empathy, interoperability, and pretty colors in a wide-ranging conversation affecting tens of millions of businesses.

Duration: 00:45:27
Publisher: CloudFest
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