CloudFest 2022 » KIOXIA » Enabling Software-Defined Flash Storage for the Cloud

@KIOXIA Europe, the inventor of NAND flash memory and one of the world’s leading flash manufacturers, has introduced a powerful way of making solid state storage software-defined. This new, open source Software-Enabled Flash™ technology was developed specifically to meet the challenges of cloud providers. It provides unique and powerful ways for applications to make the most of flash memory. It includes features that improve cloud quality of service such as tenant isolation, application-controlled data placement and dynamic I/O latency control. It can even help speed migration between flash technologies and vendors, accelerating the time to market for new cloud services.

At CloudFest 2022, KIOXIA Senior manager Earle F. Philhower, III showed the audience how Software-Enabled Flash™ technology can empower cloud service providers with a better TCO for their flash storage, and a better experience for their clients.

Duration: 00:18:17
Publisher: CloudFest
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