Cloudflare Expands Its Zero Trust Platform, Introduces New Firewall Capabilities

Global CDN provider Cloudflare has announced the expansion of its Zero Trust firewall capabilities to aid its partners in securing their overall corporate network including their branch offices, clouds and data centers. In addition, the content delivery network provider has also announced a new program, Oahu, that will help its clients in migrating from legacy hardware to Cloudflare One suite of Zero Trust solutions.

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Talking about the traditional firewalls, they consist of hardware boxes installed on company premises and were not built for cloud applications and hybrid workforces. These new capabilities presented by Cloudflare are intended to let CIOs connect in a better way and protect their corporate networks with Zero Trust security. Furthermore, CIOs would not have to face the costly and complex old school migration.

Some brands have opted for virtualized firewalls to meet this challenge. However, they encountered many challenges with the hardware appliances, like managing primary or backup devices and capacity planning, according to Cloudflare.

CIOs can protect their entire corporate network, gain deeper network visibility, and apply Zero Trust policies to all traffic with Cloudflare’s latest cloud firewall solution. Since Cloudflare’s firewall runs everywhere, CIOs are not supposed to depend upon the centralizing traffic on one box in one location, virtual or physical.

CEO’s Take

Co-founder and CEO of Cloudflare, Matthew Prince, said that the CIOs know that the corporate network is changing at a considerable speed, and Cloudflare wants to help the CIOs transition easily in a flexible way. He further said that when working from everywhere emerged as a possibility, workers started migration from threshold locations to wherever they wanted to work from. He concluded by saying that with an Oahu program, Cloudflare is making it easy for companies to do away with legacy tech.

Win a Trip to Oahu, Hawaii

The Oahu Program would take things forward in multiple ways. First things first, it helps the organizations in Zero Trust Migration by offering them new capabilities and resources to simply import policies from legacy hardware firewall boxes to Cloudflare’s cloud-native service.

Secondly, eligible organizations would qualify for discounts on Cloudflare’s Zero Trust firewall solution to mitigate the cost of switching. Another luring offer is that the eligible customers who deprecate hardware firewalls may get a chance to win a trip to Oahu, Hawaii.

Benefits to CIOs would include the following:

  • Adios to capacity maintenance and planning – No doubt that the hardware firewalls are expensive, need high-capacity planning and maintenance, are hard to manage. The firewall offered by Cloudflare can easily manage a workload of any size.
  • Protect any type of traffic flow – CIOs can run a full suite of security capabilities over traffic from clouds, data centers, branch offices, and user devices with a cloud-native firewall.
  • Global visibility and control – CIOs now have the ability to enforce policies over the globe with just a single click and get single-pane visibility. It also consists of on-demand packet captures.
  • Comprehensive security policies – A huge range of controls can extend support to any network regardless of where an organization is in their cloud journey by allowing traditional L3 rules and sophisticated Zero Trust controls, all that in a single control window.
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- Koen Stegeman, Editor-in-Chief and CEO