Cloudflare Expands Its Zero Trust SASE Platform, Cloudflare One


Cloudflare has announced several new capabilities for Cloudflare One, its Zero Trust SASE platform. Advanced email security protection, data loss prevention tools, cloud access security broker (CASB), and private network discovery are some of the new features for Cloudflare One.

Photo Matthew Prince, co-founder and CEO of Cloudflare
“We believe Zero Trust must extend to the entire network, all the way from email to data centers, and accelerate user and endpoint connections, not slow people down,” said Matthew Prince, co-founder and CEO of Cloudflare.

Cloudflare One is a thoroughly integrated Zero Trust security and networking solution. Integrated directly into one of the biggest networks in the world, Cloudflare One integrates network security as-a-service. It would offer quick, reliable global connection, cloud-based protection, and improved visibility and management via a unified dashboard and API. With Cloudflare’s Zero Trust platform, businesses can simply protect their personnel and apps from the contemporary threat landscape without incurring high integration costs or negatively impacting worker productivity as many traditional systems do.

Any enterprise can now use Cloudflare One to safeguard and expedite the performance of devices, applications, and whole networks in order to keep workforces secure and productive. 

“When I sit with customers, they share that one of the most daunting aspects of Zero Trust security is simply where to begin. Making matters worse, every vendor has a different definition for Zero Trust, turning a critical approach to security into a misunderstood and overused term,” said Matthew Prince, co-founder and CEO of Cloudflare. “We believe Zero Trust must extend to the entire network, all the way from email to data centers, and accelerate user and endpoint connections, not slow people down. And we want to give every customer a step-by-step guide for what they can do today, this week, and this month to make themselves more secure regardless of what vendor they use.”

Phishing Attacks, API-driven CASB

With a worldwide network covering more than 270 locations and more than 100 countries, Cloudflare One offers a full Zero Trust SASE solution. Due to the simple implementation in only a few clicks, the quick performance wherever users are, and the strong security across endpoints, networks, and email, enterprises would be able to:

  • Automatically protect users from phishing attacks – Integrating email security is essential to any genuine Zero Trust network since email is one of the most common online attack vectors. Malicious URLs will be immediately quarantined in a remote browser session by integrating top phishing protection from Cloudflare’s recent acquisition of Area 1 Security with Cloudflare’s “cutting-edge” Browser Isolation.
  • Secure every connection with Zero Trust controls while accelerating users and services – The world-wide Cloudflare network enables Zero Trust screening to be applied to anything, without slowing it down, whether users are connecting to internal resources, the Internet, or are just opening email.
  • Comprehensive controls for data in any location – Cloudflare’s Zero Trust platform offers controls in real-time with integrated data loss prevention capabilities to scan for sensitive information or against data at-rest with an API-driven CASB, going beyond simple in-line scanning.
  • Connect and secure data, devices, offices, cloud networks, and more without relying on hardware boxes – Now that Cloudflare Magic WAN is freely accessible, companies may increase network speed and security for a fraction of the price of traditional MPLS infrastructure.

Since its release in 2020, Cloudflare One has aided in the security of businesses all around the world, with annual client growth rates of 100 percent and daily traffic growth rates of 6X, respectively. International airlines Japan Airlines, award-winning digital wealth manager Moneybox, industry pioneer Werner Enterprises, financial services provider BlockFi, financial application provider Curve, online business catering platform ezCater, and multidisciplinary digital agency Panagora are just a few of the global brands that trust Cloudflare with their Zero Trust journey.