CloudFlare Partners with EdgeConneX to Deliver Faster, More Secure Internet Content

EdgeConneX, a wholesale provider of data center services for content, network, colocation, CDNs and service providers, has announced a partnership with web performance and security company, CloudFlare. The CDN provider’s cloud-based edge services platform and Content Delivery Network (CDN) will be hosted within EdgeConneX Edge Data Centers (EDC).

CloudFlare’s web performance and security platform utilizes the latest technology to process millions of requests per second. Pairing CloudFlare with one of the most geographically optimized data center infrastructures would result in EdgeConneX customers having a faster and more secure web experience.

cloudflare-cdnAs one of the fastest-growing CDNs in the world, serving two million customers, CloudFlare would process more than five percent of global Internet requests through its network. The company has mitigated more than 200 billion cyber attacks on behalf of its customers in just the last month.

CloudFlare’s selection of EdgeConneX was driven by its strategy for mitigating Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks without sacrificing user experience. EdgeConneX’s broad geographic coverage would offer enhanced security by further isolating networks from DDoS attacks and other security threats. By virtue of a distributed Edge Data Center footprint, DDoS attacks are mitigated and sites are able to stay online and available to the consumer by automatically shifting compute resources to other sites in the event of an attack.

“CloudFlare is focused on delivering the best security and performance to its customers, and we chose EdgeConneX because it compliments our focus in those areas,” said Joshua Motta, Director of Special Projects, CloudFlare. “Our partnership with EdgeConneX helps us to better serve our existing customers while scaling our footprint, which is all part of our goal to build a better Internet.”

Global Reach

edgeconnex-data-centersEdgeConneX is a fast-growing data center provider of N+1 concurrently maintainable infrastructure and will soon be able to support CloudFlare on a global basis.

“As a company whose clients include leading financial institutions and federal government agencies, CloudFlare’s decision to provide its platform in our Edge Data Centers continues to validate our ability to protect customers from downtime caused by DDoS attacks,” said Clint Heiden, Chief Commercial Officer at EdgeConneX. “CloudFlare’s focus on state-of-the-art technology aligns perfectly with our desire to build the Internet’s Edge where it’s needed today – nearest the end-user where security is inherently greater.”

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