Cloudflare R2 Storage Unveiled: S3-Compatible Object Storage for The Edge

Cloudflare recently announced its Cloudflare R2 Storage. It has paved a better path for developers to store all the required data with automatic migration of data from S3 compatible services to make the process of switching less complicated. Cloudflare R2 storage will provide the ability to store high amounts of data, expanding what’s possible with Cloudflare while slashing the egress bandwidth fees associated with cloud provider storage to zero.

In order to build websites and applications, developers need a place to store photos, videos, and graphics that is quickly and easily accessible. However, increasingly egregious bandwidth pricing has made cloud storage an expansive headache for most developers, stated Cloudflare.

The CDN provider took the initiative to address egregious egress charges in 2018 by developing the Bandwidth Alliance, a group of forward-thinking cloud and networking companies that share the same goal, waiving off data transfer fees for shared customers. Cloudflare R2 Storage is a step further in the same direction. It will add automatic migration of data from S3-compatible services and offer developers a top-notch performing object store with reduced egress fees.

CEO’s Take

Photo Matthew Prince, co-founder and CEO of Cloudflare
“Since AWS launched S3, cloud storage has attracted, and then locked in, developers with exorbitant egress fees,” said Matthew Prince, co-founder and CEO of Cloudflare.

Co-founder and CEO of Cloudflare, Matthew Prince, said that since the rollout of S3, cloud storage had gained the interest of developers with exorbitant egress fees. He further said that Cloudflare wants developers to keep up their work and continuously develop without worrying about the storage bill. In addition to that, he said, Cloudflare as a CDN provider aims to make R2 Storage the cheapest, most reliable option for storing data, with zero egress charges.

Mr. Prince concluded his statement by saying that he is amazed by the inventions of developers on his platform and is looking forward to continued innovation as the company is expanding tools that the developers can access.

Cloudflare’s R2 Storage will enable developers to:

Unlock the power and scale the Cloudflare Workers within their applications – R2 storage is going to be fully integrated with the Cloudflare Workers runtime. It will make the creation of data pipelines and manipulation of objects more than manageable.

Migrate data automatically from other providers to Cloudflare – Cloudflare R2 storage will consist of automatic migration from other S3-compatible cloud storage services that migrate data from providers as per the requests. This is undoubtedly going to cut the costs on egress bandwidth bills.

Slash their cloud provider egress and storage bills – Cloudfare is working on a goal to offer R2 storage as one of the cheapest options available in the market for the purpose of performant object storage, no matter to scale. This is the reason why Cloudflare is planning to eradicate egress fees, provide object storage that is at least 10% cheaper than S3, and make infrequent access entirely free for clients.

Store application data as per your requirement across the globe – Cloudflare R2 storage will replicate data over multiple regions and support jurisdictional restrictions, allowing businesses to have complete control over where their data is being stored in order to meet their global and local requirements.

Take leverage of the performance of object storage built with Cloudfare’s edge network – By taking advantage of Cloudflare Workers and Durable Objects, R2 would offer low latency, high throughput storage for most of the demanding applications.