CloudGenix Hires Industry Vet Kim Ringeisen as Vice President Customer Success

CloudGenix, a software-defined wide-area network (SD-WAN) provider, founded in 2013 by a team that has previously delivered products in networking, SDN, cloud, security and web-scale applications, has announced the appointment of Kim Ringeisen as its vice president of customer success.

Kim Ringeisen’s career spans two decades and as many continents. Prior to joining CloudGenix, Ringeisen served as senior director of customer success at Skyport Systems. Previously, Mr. Ringeisen spent 20 years at Cisco, where he not only led customer operations teams, but was a founding member of the Safe Harbor program and key leader of the Critical Accounts Team.

cloudgenix software defined wan“CloudGenix has seen tremendous growth in the past year,” said Kumar Ramachandran, CEO of CloudGenix. “Kim’s expertise will be indispensable in our continuing efforts to exceed our customers’ demands for application-defined SD-WAN and maintaining our customer-centric culture even as we experience hyper growth.”

CloudGenix ION would eliminate complex routing protocols and hardware routers, enabling direct setup of business rules and app SLAs while also reducing WAN costs. All network and app flows are stored in a centralized database, providing customer access to native, actionable application and network insights. CloudGenix uniquely delivers single-sided, per-app controls and SLAs for cloud apps.

“CloudGenix is leading innovation in an industry that demands a forward-thinking approach to truly revolutionize networking,” said Kim Ringeisen. “The CloudGenix architectural design sets it apart from the competition, enabling customers to define network health based on application performance rather than reachability. We are able to proactively avoid issues, and when issues do arise, we are able to utilize our real-time, analytics-enabled tools to reduce time to resolution and ensure high-systems availability. That’s a real game changer for a networking company – a product built with customer success front and center. This role is an opportunity to work with enterprises to make that change a reality at scale.”