CloudHealth Technologies Extends Cloud Service Management Platform to Optimize Resources Across VMware and Dedicated Server Environments

Cloud service management company, CloudHealth Technologies, has announced that its cloud service management platform for public cloud providers now also manages both VMware and dedicated server environments. The CloudHealth platform provides visibility, optimization and control across both the data center and the cloud.

joe kinsella cloudhealth technologies
“Enterprises now require a hybrid approach to maintain flexibility and agility,” said Joe Kinsella, Founder and CTO of CloudHealth Technologies.

“The market is evolving rapidly,” said Joe Kinsella, Founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of CloudHealth Technologies. “This has created a gap between how customers operate, report, manage and govern cloud versus data center infrastructure. Enterprises now require a hybrid approach to maintain flexibility and agility, and to strategically align their on-premises, public cloud and private cloud infrastructures for maximum business benefit. CloudHealth enables them to bridge the gap.”

Platform highlights include the following:

  • Track and report on data center costs – CloudHealth has extended its cloud cost expertise into the data center to provide insight across the enterprise. Customers can utilize the platform for cost reallocation to enable financial reporting and chargeback, and for budget tracking and reporting.
  • Analyze usage, performance and metrics – CloudHealth offers granular, interactive reporting by accounts, functional business groups, services and service items. With agentless integration into VMware vSphere environments or an agent-based approach for physical machines, customers can track usage, inventory, CPU, memory and disk metrics.
  • Set policies to govern your environment – Customers can define how to manage the cost, availability and performance of data center infrastructure. They can apply governance rules based on multiple data sources, and choose actions to take when policies are violated.
  • Data center migration planning – The platform provides cost analysis for assets that are candidates for cloud migration. The analysis provides rightsized recommendations based on asset types, region and costs based on usage profile of individual assets.

The Cloud Health platform will also include new features that give customers the ability to rightsize virtual machines (VMs) across CPU, memory, network and disk. Customers can optimize infrastructure by identifying when VMs are over-provisioned and receive recommended actions on how to achieve an ideal state.