Cloudian Object Storage Now Integrated with Microsoft SQL Server 2022

Cloudian’s HyperStore object storage platform is now integrated and validated to work with Microsoft SQL Server 2022, a relational database management system that supports a wide range of transaction processing, business intelligence and analytics applications.

As a result, clients of Microsoft SQL Server 2022 would be able to benefit from Cloudian’s public cloud-like scalability and flexibility in their own data centers.

Cloudian was asked to join Microsoft’s Early Adopter Program. After undergoing validation testing to assure seamless interaction with SQL Server, the firm has been accepted into the recently released Microsoft SQL Server public preview.

“Today’s announcement again highlights Cloudian’s leadership in hybrid cloud data management,” said Jon Toor, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Cloudian. “We were honored that Microsoft invited us to participate in its Early Adopter Program and now look forward to helping more customers leverage the combined solution to extract greater value and insights from their on-prem data.”

AI, Machine Learning

Photo Jon Toor, CMO at Cloudian
“We were honored that Microsoft invited us to participate in its Early Adopter Program,” said Jon Toor, CMO at Cloudian.

Enterprises are increasingly looking to run SQL data analytics apps on-premises to obtain more insights from their local data, and they require a contemporary storage base to enable them. Cloudian’s HyperStore solution would offer this basis, with completely native S3 compatibility, infinite scalability, and the highest security – including data immutability for ransomware protection.

Cloudian’s HyperStore solution would also include improved metadata tagging, which can speed up data searches and make AI, machine learning, and analytics apps easier to use. When compared to  and traditional storage alternatives, Cloudian claims its object storage technology to provide all of these features and more.

The combination of Cloudian HyperStore and Microsoft SQL Server would allow for the construction and deployment of analytical queries for sophisticated applications in areas such as cybersecurity, predictive maintenance, risk management, and many others. It focuses on three basic scenarios:

  • Staging files for loading
  • Storing database backups
  • Enabling federated queries using data stored with HyperStore

Furthermore, the solutions would aid data professionals in their concurrent testing of various models on multi-structured data sets, including machine learning.

“Our customers have vast data stores on-premises, and they want a storage infrastructure that enables them to run their SQL analytics applications with the same ease and flexibility they would in Microsoft Azure,” said Asad Khan, director product manager, Azure Database Services, Microsoft. Cloudian’s HyperStore object storage was architected from the start to provide a seamless, cloud-like experience in organizations’ own data centers, providing a robust storage solution for our SQL Server 2022 users.”