Cloudian Releases Its HyperStore 1500 Appliance for Scale-Out 100 Percent S3 Smart Data Storage

Cloudian, a Silicon Valley-based provider of software-defined smart data storage, has released a new “cost-efficient” and highly scalable storage appliance, the HyperStore 1500. This capacity-optimized appliance would offer enterprises and service providers simple, dense and scalable hardware that is fully integrated with Cloudian HyperStore software.

Available in a 1U form factor, each 1500 appliance scales up to 96TB, features hot-swappable components and enables unlimited scale out capacity. It would enable IT to easily deploy cloud storage to a single department or to many groups across a business or around the globe.

The Cloudian HyperStore 1500 appliance highlights include:

  • Fully integrated with 100 percent S3-compatible Cloudian HyperStore software
  • Start small, scale on demand – scales from 24TB to 100s of PB and/or multiple data centers
  • Designed for density and operational efficiency with erasure coding, data compression and encryption
  • Cloudian HyperStore 1500 appliances are now available in four options: 24TB, 48TB, 72TB and 96TB per server

“Enterprises and service providers are grappling with explosive data growth and flat IT operating budgets,” said Paul Turner, chief marketing officer and technology evangelist at Cloudian. “This is a real challenge, as organizations must still achieve high-quality data management and storage practices. The HyperStore 1500 Appliance with integrated, 100 percent S3-compatible HyperStore object storage software provides unlimited scale, multi-data center storage and fully automated data tiering to the cloud for less than one cent per gigabit per month. HyperStore 1500 is a robust, distributed storage array that scales as your business grows.”

With complete S3 compatibility built into the Cloudian HyperStore software, the HSA 1500 allows customer choice in deploying AWS/S3 applications and storage on- and off-premises. HyperStore’s hybrid cloud storage approach is a fast route to self-service IT and quality of service; organizations can choose to leverage AWS infrastructure for long-term bulk storage while keeping business critical data on premises.

The highly scalable Cloudian HyperStore software is enterprise-grade and policy-driven, with multi-tenanted, role-based user permissions and robust GUI management controls. The appliance features hot- swappable components for high reliability and non-disruptive on-site service, as well as leading computing performance using Intel Xeon E5-2600 processors.