Cloudian Survey: Hybrid Cloud Storage Use Will Double in Next 12 Months

The use of hybrid cloud storage will accelerate rapidly over the next 12 months, according to research published by Cloudian, a global provider of cloud-compatible object storage systems. Across 400 organizations surveyed in the UK and USA, 28 percent already use hybrid cloud storage, with a further 40 percent planning to implement within the next year.

Only 19 percent have no plans to adopt hybrid cloud storage. Organizations are looking to hybrid cloud storage to support a variety of workloads. Data backup is the most popular use case, with 64 percent of respondents reporting deployment or plans to deploy. Web infrastructure (52 percent), application dev/testing (48 percent) and technical applications (43 percent) are also driving the adoption of hybrid cloud storage products and services.

The research commissioned by Cloudian reveals that larger organizations (2,500 employees or more) are adopting the hybrid cloud storage approach most rapidly, with 82 percent planning to deploy in the next 12 months.

Data Governance

cloudian cloud storageDecisions about whether to adopt hybrid cloud storage are being driven by multiple factors such as external and internal data governance rules. 59 percent of respondents report that not all of their data can go to the public cloud, and that more than half of their data must remain onsite.

Most commonly cited among the data types that must remain on premises are financial data and customer records. Reasons named most commonly are security, governance and compliance rules, driven by both internal policy and external regulation. 

When considering a hybrid cloud storage strategy, concerns about interoperability between on-premises and public cloud storage (40 percent) are only exceeded by those around security (62 percent) and cost (55 percent). 76 percent of respondents moving to hybrid cloud storage have yet to decide which interface to adopt.

“Public cloud has made a huge impact on the storage industry, and while it’s the venue of choice for many data types, at present, it’s not right for everyone in every circumstance,” said Jon Toor, chief marketing officer (CMO) of Cloudian. “For those who need to keep specific data types on premises, a hybrid approach can deliver the best of both worlds, especially when their on-premises and cloud storage technologies are highly compatible with each other.”