Cloudian Unveils Its HyperCloud ‘Multi-Cloud’ for Microsoft Azure

Object storage systems provider, Cloudian, has announced the availability of Cloudian HyperCloud for Microsoft Azure – bringing Cloudian’s comprehensive S3 API interface to Azure Blob Storage.

cloudian object storageCloudian’s HyperCloud software runs fully virtualized within the Azure cloud platform and delivers scalable performance via parallel access across multiple Azure Virtual Machines (VMs). As a bi-modal, multi-cloud, converged solution, data ingested into Azure Blob Storage is stored in native Azure Blob format. This allows stored data to be accessed by the full Azure application ecosystem, such as PowerBI, Azure Machine Learning, or Cortana Analytics.

“Cloudian HyperCloud for Azure is a game-changer for public cloud storage, enabling true bi-modal data storage across multiple cloud environments,” said Michael Tso, CEO and co-founder of Cloudian. “For the first time, customers have a fully supported, enterprise-ready solution to access their choice of cloud platforms from their S3-compliant applications. Customers can be up and running in minutes by launching HyperCloud from the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.”

Key benefits of Cloudian HyperCloud for Azure would include:

  • Cloud convergence – Users can manage information across multiple clouds using a common S3 API
  • Compatibility –100 percent native S3 API implementation would eliminate gateways and translation layers, delivering high levels of S3 application compatibility
  • Bi-modal access – Data ingested is stored in native Azure Blob format and is accessible using Azure Blob APIs
  • Easy to deploy – The solution is self-contained entirely on the Azure cloud platform – no additional software or hardware is required
  • Enterprise scale and performance – Can be deployed on multiple Azure Virtual Machines in parallel for scalable performance
  • Secured – The solution includes encryption support for data at rest and in flight and KMS integration

“With the growth of hybrid cloud deployments, customers need solutions that let them quickly and reliably connect cloud storage to all their applications,” said Tad Brockway, general manager of Azure Storage at Microsoft. “Cloudian HyperCloud lets users both connect and migrate their S3-compatible applications to Azure Blob Storage in minutes, further accelerating hybrid cloud adoption at Microsoft.”

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