Cloudify LAMP! (Drupal and WordPress on GKE+CloudSQL) (Cloud Next '18)

A myriad of applications currently run on the LAMP stack (Linux+Apache+MySQL+PHP). These have been designed for and traditionally deployed on physical servers or virtual machines. In order to fully leverage the advantages that cloud architectures can offer (unlimited, quick and automated scaling, resiliency, high availability or easy integration with managed backend services, for example), these components need to be individually adapted to modern deployment architectures.

In this session, we will discuss how these individual components can be “cloudified” using containers, Kubernetes, Cloud Storage, and managed backend services such as Google Cloud SQL. We will explain how an end-to-end application such as Drupal or WordPress can be thus adapted to be cloud-native, thus enabling all those myriad applications to run seamlessly in the cloud.

We will also see a demo of a “”cloud native LAMP stack”” running on GCP.

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Duration: 40:39
Publisher: Google Cloud
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