has announced its collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS). It makes available on AWS Marketplace for cloud training and certification prep. is a cloud workforce readiness platform using AI and adaptive learning to enable, drive adoption and provide certification training for employees.

The platform assesses cloud skills of employees against their specific cloud goals & objectives. Then it curates a personalized leaning path for each employee against the goals and provides managers insights into their employees’ readiness for specific task and projects.

To date,’s AI powered platform has been leveraged by organizations like California State University, City of Costa Mesa and Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) among others, to fulfill their AWS training needs.

Pay-As-You-Go Pricing, Merged Billing

Ed Sattar
“The way technology is being packaged, promoted and sold is changing through AWS Marketplace,” said Ed Sattar, CEO of

AWS Marketplace is a curated catalog that features software and services that run on AWS cloud. has integrated itself on the marketplace, allowing customers to start using the platform with 1-Click with usage paid on a per month basis. also offers customized pricing via AWS Marketplace.

“The way technology is being packaged, promoted and sold is changing through AWS Marketplace,” said Ed Sattar, CEO of “Similarly, how you enable your teams to adopt new technologies is changing. From personalizing their training journey to speed up readiness to techniques to retain and implement cloud skills, in a nutshell the very essence of learning is changing. We are on the forefront of the paradigm shift by launching the industry’s first cloud workforce readiness platform based on AI and adaptive learning to be transactable on the AWS Marketplace. Customers can purchase and implement our platform within the marketplace, enjoy pay-as-you-go pricing, and merged billing with their AWS monthly bills.”

AWS customers can leverage for their AWS certification training to accelerate cloud transformation and achieve faster deployment time.

“As continuous delivery and continuous monitoring metrics change, provides continuous cloud learning to stay up to speed and offers the “backend” systems for management to monitor progress,” added Mr. Sattar.