CloudJumper Lowers Barrier To Entry For Its Cloud Workspace Solution

CloudJumper, a Workspace as a Service (WaaS) platform provider, has announced the launch of a ‘Single Server’ version of its Cloud Workspace Management Suite for managed service providers (MSPs). The new solution enables service provider partners to deploy software-defined virtual data centers that would lower the server and software requirements for a broad range of customer environments.

CloudJumper’s single server version of their Cloud Workspace Management Suite would increase the company’s Workspace As-a-Service (WaaS) affordability by collapsing service infrastructure down to a single virtualized server, eliminating the need to pay for unused CPUs, RAM and cycles per virtual machine. This would lower the cost structure for organizations with business or departmental seat counts under 100 employees, a large percentage of the total addressable market, according to CloudJumper.

The Cloud Workspace Management Suite Single Server solution is aimed at MSPs, allowing them to bring “affordable” cloud-based workspaces to office environments with fewer WaaS users “while remaining efficient and profitable.”

Migration, Disaster Recovery

The Cloud Workspace Management Suite Single Server solution would support “easy” migration, adaptability to any size business environment, integrated business continuity and disaster recovery (DR), and “ease of use” to provide a secured full-featured workspace computing environment in the cloud.

In the new product release by CloudJumper, the reduced computing footprint would make it cost effective to run a single tenant environment, while taking advantage of the benefits and economies of scale available at larger organizations. Whether single or multi-tenant, all customers are managed through a single-pane-of-glass interface for continuous, global monitoring and control.

“The new solution adds more competitive pricing levels for smaller deployment scenarios, giving our partners an edge in these markets,” said Max Pruger, chief revenue officer, CloudJumper. “This new option is ideal for helping IT service providers to remain within the budgets of their customers, putting alternative solution providers at a disadvantage.”