CloudLinux Achieves 25,000 Server Installs Milestone

Shared operating system (OS) developer CloudLinux has announced its achievement of 25,000 server installs. CloudLinux currently has over 2,000 direct customers, over 300 partners, and an estimated 2,000 web hosting companies using the CloudLinux operating system through partners.

“This is a significant milestone for CloudLinux as we continue to evolve the operating system and push out new features to help our hosting customers continue to grow their businesses and increase revenue,” said Igor Seletskiy, Founder and CEO at CloudLinux. “Our core features have evolved to help shared hosting companies resolve stability and density issues, which improves performance.”

CloudLinuxCloudLinux is growing at a rapid pace of over 725 new servers being added monthly. This number has doubled since 2012 and continues to increase year after year. CloudLinux says its success is due to helping web hosting providers reduce hardware and support costs, while providing features that matter to end users.

“We have proven that we can significantly improve security and provide better performance for hosting providers,” added Seletskiy. “And we provide flexibility such as supporting multiple PHP versions – 4.4 to 5.6 – and we support over 100 PHP extensions. All of this available through the CloudLinux PHP Selector.”

DB Governor, CageFS, SecureLinks

CloudLinux recently announced CloudLinux DB Governor, giving web hosting providers the ability to throttle MySQL database usage. CloudLinux also utilizes the Lightweight Virtualized Environment (LVE) to isolate tenants into their own environment, allowing limits to be set on each tenant’s resources including CPU, IO, Memory, Processes, Connections, and more.

To learn more about CloudLinux, PHP Selector, CageFS, SecureLinks, DB Governor, and LVE, or to try CloudLinux in a shared web hosting environment, visit their website: