CloudLinux Launches Online Tutorial Program Called ‘Getting Started with CloudLinux OS’

CloudLinux, the maker of this operating system for hosting providers, has announced the release of its comprehensive online tutorial program called ‘Getting Started with CloudLinux OS’ for the company’s flagship product. The tutorial program would help new CloudLinux OS users understand the operating system essential features and how to use them with the highest efficiency.

The online tutorial, Getting Started with CloudLinux OS, consists of a collection of videos and articles. This would give useful information about the features, requirements, licensing, and how to install and manage CloudLinux OS.

cloudlinux os“Most of the CloudLinux OS features can be turned on one by one – that’s why enabling educated choices for our customers is very important,” said Igor Seletskiy, CEO of CloudLinux. “Moreover, as we often release new features, this Getting Started with CloudLinux OS guide will also help our current customers understand what those features are all about.”

In order to make ‘Getting started with CloudLinux OS’ more useful for the customers, the company will regularly extend the range of the online tutorial based on topics and feedback anticipated from the customers.

The Getting Started with CloudLinux OS online tutorial can be found here.

CloudLinux OS runs on more than 30,000 production servers today. It would improve server stability, density, and security by partitioning and limiting resources, such as memory, CPU, connections, for each tenant. The CloudLinux OS would also reduce operating costs and churn rates and increases the profitability of Linux servers used for shared web hosting.