CloudOpt Expands its Data Acceleration Service for Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Asia Pacific

CloudOpt, a provider of data acceleration solutions for cloud hosting environments, has announced that its Speed-as-a-Service product has expanded availability to Amazon Web Services (AWS) Singapore and Tokyo Regions.

cloud-hosting-data-accelerationCurrently available in Amazon Web Services’s US East, US West, European Union and Asia Pacific Sydney regions, CloudOpt has expanded to all of AWS’s Asia Pacific regions in response to growing market demand. Empowering AWS customers by dramatically accelerating the movement of data to or from the AWS cloud, Speed-as-a-Service would have helped companies reduce data transfer times and costs by up to 90%.

In Southeast Asia cloud-based applications can be challenging to deploy as data must often be transmitted over long distances and over slow transmission lines resulting in high latency and poor application performance. In Japan high bandwidth links are more readily available but could be quite expensive. With the availability of CloudOpt’s Speed-as-a-Service in AWS’ Singapore and Tokyo Regions companies would be able to overcome these barriers to moving applications to a cloud hosting environment.

Accelerating large transfers of data into and out of the cloud, Speed-as-a-Service would be a good solution for: 

  • Maintaining response times when moving applications to AWS
  • Reducing bandwidth charges
  • Full daily backups to cloud hosting environment
  • Rapid restoration of cloud backup data
  • Near real time replication of databases across regions

With operations in the Silicon Valley, Seattle and Belfast, Northern Ireland, CloudOpt’s Speed-as-a-Service is available on cloud hosting platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Compute Engine, and Windows Azure, and can be deployed on other IaaS clouds or in on-premise data centers.