CloudOpt Unveils Data Acceleration Service for Google Cloud

cloud-data-accelerationCloudOpt, a provider of cloud WAN optimization, has announced that Speed-as-a-Service, a solution that delivers data acceleration for the cloud, is now available on Google Compute Engine, US Region.

Running on Google Compute Engine, CloudOpt’ Speed-as-a-Service would dramatically accelerate the movement of data to or from the Google Cloud Platform, helping customers reduce data transfer times and costs by up to 90%.

“With Google’s scale and expertise we expect Google Compute Engine to become one of the leading Infrastructure-as-a-Service providers,” said Dave Burow, CEO of CloudOpt.

Big Data

CloudOpt’s solution  is delivered as-a-service and is deployable in minutes. Accelerating large transfers of data into and out of the cloud, Speed-as-a-Service would be a good solution for:

  • Near real time replication of databases across regions
  • Fast Big Data uploads to the cloud
  • Full daily backups to the cloud
  • Rapid restoration of cloud backup data
  • Migrating applications with large databases to Google Compute Platform.

Requiring no networking expertise, Speed-as-a-Service is accessed using an easy to install Windows or Linux client. The CloudOpt client intercepts data destined for addresses in Google Compute Engine; establishes a secure and encrypted connection to the Speed-as-a-Service network in the requested region; applies compression, deduplication, and protocol optimizations; and then delivers the data to its original destination within Google Compute Platform.