CloudRanger’s AWS Cloud Backup Solutions Now Available Through SaaS Contracts on AWS Marketplace

CloudRanger, a backup solution provider for Amazon Web Services (AWS Cloud), has announced that its Server Management Platform has been made available on the AWS Marketplace. As a SaaS Contracts seller, CloudRanger now offers its proprietary, automated scheduling and backup policies directly to AWS Cloud customers, with all services on one consolidated bill through AWS.

Launched in April 2017, SaaS Contracts on the AWS Marketplace allow customers to contract for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products directly through AWS on a monthly, one-, two- or three-year basis. Buyers use a shopping-cart-like experience to determine the size and duration for their contract.

aws cloud partner networkThe newly-updated CloudRanger SaaS platform, now available through AWS Marketplace, would offer a “simple” AWS cloud management system for scheduling critical, repetitive tasks such as data backup and server scheduling, and does so without the need for in-house coding – “ultimately saving users both time and money, while providing enhanced data security.”

“Often, when implementing a new software product, clients not only have to import their settings, they likely have to work with their billing department to setup with a new vendor and gain approval from higher-ups,” said Dan Creviston, CloudRanger Chief Product Officer. “With AWS Marketplace SaaS Contracts, customers can simply add CloudRanger to their existing AWS subscription. This ultimately allows customers to get started using CloudRanger more quickly, increasing their organization’s data security, and with less organizational hurdles.” 

In order to offer its platform on the AWS Marketplace, CloudRanger underwent thorough assessments to ensure its platform is in line with Amazon’s expectations for enterprise software to improve functionality and ease-of-use for AWS customers.

Along with its automated scheduling and backup policies, CloudRanger’s Server Management Platform would also offer users multi-region backups for improved disaster recovery management and file-level recovery, enabling users to drill down to restore individual files.

CloudRanger is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced Technology Partner. Clients include HP, NASCAR and MetLife.

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