CloudSigma and OpenVPN Partner to Provide Secure, Remote Access to Cloud Hosting Environment

CloudSigma, a public cloud hosting IaaS provider with hybrid hosting offerings, has partnered with OpenVPN Technologies to develop a software appliance that enables the rapid deployment of OpenVPN Access Server within CloudSigma’s cloud hosting environment. Now, CloudSigma customers have secure, remote access to their cloud resources from anywhere on any device via this enterprise edition of OpenVPN.

Similar to CloudSigma’s private patching technology for enterprises, the CloudSigma OpenVPN appliance would give SMBs and remote workers secure access to their public cloud hosting environments and resources without having unencrypted traffic traverse a public IP line.

cloud-hostingBy connecting to the VLANs within CloudSigma’s public cloud, customers don’t have to expose their services over the Internet, and can instead use the VPN service to grant remote workers and branch offices more secure access. The CloudSigma OpenVPN appliance provides a bridge between a company’s on-premise servers and those within CloudSigma’s cloud hosting environment – whether they are connected to the VLAN or an external network – to offer a seamless compute environment.

“Via the new OpenVPN software appliance, customers can encrypt their data in motion as it’s sent through from our cloud locations on to customer access points,” said Robert Jenkins, CEO, CloudSigma. “There are geographic routing advantages also. For instance, they can essentially choose to route their data through our Swiss location for added protection against U.S. data privacy and access laws.”

Access control features

The CloudSigma OpenVPN appliance also gives IT departments the ability to better control or limit access to company data, which can be done through the Access Server administrative user interface and granular access control features. This would be increasingly important for corporate compliance purposes, especially amid growing remote worker trends and the BYOD movement, and can be done with any Windows, Mac OS X, iOS or Android device.

“The CloudSigma OpenVPN virtual appliance is extremely convenient as users can be up and running with their own Access Server in mere minutes – and on their own network,” said Francis Dinha, CEO, OpenVPN Technologies. “We allow users to connect their machine directly to their own network, providing more secure and controlled cloud connectivity and resource management. Together with CloudSigma’s high quality, innovative cloud hosting platform, our OpenVPN software is advancing remote access capabilities for today’s agile business environments.”

CloudSigma is an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud hosting provider based in Zurich, Switzerland. The company offers hybrid cloud servers and cloud hosting solutions, both in Europe and the U.S.