CloudVelox’s Software for Migration, Recovery, and Dev/Test Now Integrated With Cisco Hybrid Cloud Management Platform, CloudCenter

CloudVelox, a pioneer in cloud automation and orchestration software, has announced that their One Hybrid Cloud software for migration, recovery, and dev/test is now integrated with Cisco CloudCenter – a hybrid cloud management platform.

As a result of this integration, Cisco customers who manage greenfield workloads will now have the added capability to migrate and protect brownfield workloads in their data center environments. Through CloudVelox One Hybrid Cloud, Cisco customers and partners would also be able to take advantage of cloud workload mobility and optimization with drag and drop capabilities to migrate any workload, from any source, to the cloud, and move workloads between data centers and public clouds.

cisco cloudEnterprises would typically use cloud management solutions to manage greenfield workloads, but lack the ability to manage and mobilize brownfield application workloads. Existing tools for migrating legacy applications are often manual and time-consuming, especially when dealing with hundreds or thousands of applications. More importantly, many of them would be separate from the cloud management platforms, leaving the enterprise with multiple consoles and several tools. In turn, productivity in managing hybrid cloud environments would decrease while complexity increases.

The high degree of automation from CloudVelox One Hybrid Cloud would accelerate workload mobility and workload optimization without requiring specialized IT skills or multiple tools. The CloudVelox APIs extend the product’s single solution capabilities to the new cloud management platforms like Cisco CloudCenter that are today managing only greenfield applications in the hybrid cloud.

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The capabilities of the CloudVelox One Hybrid Cloud software for use cases such as automated cloud migration and automated cloud recovery would give customers and partners workload mobility and optimization for brownfield application workloads through the existing pane of glass they use today.

cloudvelox cloud workload migrationFor Cisco distribution partners, value added resellers, global systems integrators, managed service providers, and strategic alliances, these additional capabilities would provide scale for them to perform mass cloud migrations of hundreds and thousands of workloads while continuing to add value to the customer through optimization and management of the greenfield and brownfield workloads in the cloud, which are today being managed separately in silos.

CloudVelox enables a joint solution that will give enterprises the flexibility to shift workloads in and out of data centers and clouds quickly and securely,” said Rajeev Chawla, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at CloudVelox. “This enhanced workload agility allows IT leaders to maximize the best cost model, security policy, and performance need for running a workload without re-building or re-engineering that application multiple times to fit into a particular environment. And they won’t have to worry about cloud lock-in. For Cisco partners we see this as a tremendous opportunity to grow their cloud practice and reduce the time it takes to migrate enterprise workloads to the cloud with increased productivity and confidence compared to using manual tools and scripts.”

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