CloudWave Unveils New OpSus Vault Backup as a Service Offering for Healthcare

Healthcare cloud and managed services software hosting company, CloudWave, has launched their OpSus Vault solution. OpSus Vault is a secured, offline, and immutable storage solution that protects a healthcare organization’s precious data backups against increasingly powerful ransomware and malicious insider threats.

When a hospital’s primary production environment is affected with ransomware or other threats, the backups are frequently infected as well. Malicious actors have also been increasingly attacking backup infrastructure in order to further disrupt operations. OpSus Vault assists in the creation of an immutable backup that includes a solitary copy with different security procedures that is locked to prevent encryption, modifications, and deletions.

For further security, the protected additional copy is kept apart from the rest of the data storage and IT environment, notably the domain structure, in this immutable storage location. OpSus Vault creates a secure, air-gapped cloud storage location that gets a save-set from a backup operation that is run on a regular basis. After that, the cloud location copies a copy of its stored data to a safe vault on a distinct domain with an immutable storage policy. Editing and deleting data, as well as access, are not permitted when this immutability policy is in force.

Private Cloud, Public Cloud, Cloud Edge

As a result, if a security breach renders a healthcare organization’s conventional save-sets worthless, CloudWave will provide access to a current copy of the immutable backup. As a consequence, restoring OpSus Vault’s immutable backup is far faster than dealing with corrupted main and secondary copies.

“Most organizations know how to architect a backup system to store multiple copies on different media with at least one remote save-set, but these backups can still be deleted if the appropriate credentials are compromised,” said Matt Donahue, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at CloudWave. “By isolating backups on a separate domain and applying an immutability policy, OpSus Vault adds additional layers of protection against these types of threats.”

Using managed private cloud, public cloud, and cloud edge resources, CloudWave assists hospitals in architecting, building, and integrating a customized solution. More than 125 EHR, clinical, and enterprise apps are supported by OpSus Cloud Services. OpSus Vault can be purchased alone or as a supplement to OpSus Backup.