Cloudways Brings Object Cache to E-Commerce Websites with Redis

Global cloud hosting provider Cloudways has announced a partnership with Till Krüss, the creator and maintainer of PHP Redis, that will give many users free access to Object Cache Pro, a “business-class” Redis object cache backend for WordPress. Thousands of e-commerce websites would rely on the popular WordPress plugin when it comes to their websites’ speed and reliability.

Cloudways says it will considerably increase its WordPress and WooCommerce hosting options by working with Till Krüss to make Object Cache Pro available to many of its users.

The cloud hosting firm is also pursuing its goal of putting sophisticated enterprise-level tools and solutions in the hands of startups, small enterprises, and single entrepreneurs who desperately need them but have historically been unable to afford them. Cloudways would be able to further deliver on its promise of peak performance and availability to its clients as a result of the agreement.

WordPress Caching plugins

Apart from e-commerce, the Object Cache Pro WordPress plugin would benefit mission-critical and large WordPress websites as well.

Cloudways’ clients who have a subscription plan with 2 GB RAM or more now have free access to the Object Cache Pro’s plugin caching features.

Founded in 2012, Cloudways operates a managed cloud hosting platform that hosts over 50,000 servers globally. This cloud platform lets users host WordPress and WooCommerce websites on top of a variety of cloud-hosting providers, including Google Cloud Platfom (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS), DigitalOcean, Vultr, and Linode.

Cloudways says it will continue to improve WordPress website speed by introducing more plugins to its plans. Relay, a PHP caching solution, would be next on the list.

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