Cloudways Introduces Managed Cloud Hosting for Containers

Cloudways, a managed cloud hosting provider of PHP based application hosting services, now provides scalable container cloud hosting. The cloud platform provisions Kyup containers that come with auto-scalability along with quick-to-scale RAM, “robust” SSD storage, and dedicated IP address.

Auto-scalability would be a crucial element for modern web apps. It lets developers enjoy a stress-free scaling process without human intervention.

cloud servers cloudwaysCloudways and Kyup container based hosting offer an environment where developers and designers can launch automatically scaling cloud servers within minutes. Abrupt traffic spikes automatically add computing resources for efficient traffic handling. Additionally, manual scaling of the RAM, Storage, and CPU sizes would complete within seconds right from the Cloudways Platform.

“In a month or two, the online retail industry will be heading into a period of huge discounts and quick sales,” said Aaqib Gadit, co-founder of Cloudways. “With Kyup’s containers deployed on top of the Cloudways Platform, online stores will be able to eliminate any possible downtime during the holiday season sales. Other businesses can also benefit from Managed Kyup Hosting by Cloudways. Corporate websites, popular news websites, and blogs with viral content can consider Kyup containers for deployment. This way, they do not worry about downtime due to high influx of visitors.”