CMO of AMS-IX Expains the Success of European ‘Truly Open’ Internet Exchanges

Cara Mascini, CMO of Amsterdam Internet Exchange AMS-IX
Cara Mascini, CMO of Amsterdam Internet Exchange AMS-IX

Whereas Digital Realty Trust has just announced its rollout of ‘neutral’ Digital Open Internet Exchanges across the US and beyond, Hosting Journalist stumbled upon an  interesting blog post written by Cara Mascini, CMO of AMS-IX in Amsterdam. The Chief Marketing Officer of one of the three largest Internet Exchanges in the world, explains what it takes to become successful as an Internet Exchange.

In her blog article, the CMO of AMS-IX states there are a number of key factors in the hosting industry that determine the viability and sustainability of the business, and therefore the success of an Internet Exchange.

In this article Mascini explains more or less how LINX in London, DE-CIX in Frankfurt and AMS-IX in Amsterdam came to what they are at the moment, the most prominent peering locations in the world that operate above the 400 connected networks and 1,5 Terabit per second levels of traffic.

You can read the AMS-IX blog post here…

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- Koen Stegeman, Editor-in-Chief and CEO