Co-Management is Instant and Easy With #Just4Clicks

Co-management is the deep integration between ConfigMgr and Intune that enables you to easily begin begin moving traditional, domain-joined and ConfigMgr-managed solutions to a deployment of Azure Active Directory and Intune with #Just4Clicks. This functionality is so popular because it hands over total control for how this move to the cloud is managed. An organization can move any workload, at any speed, at any time – based entirely on that organization’s unique needs.

With #Just4Clicks you can turn on Co-Management and instantly have new capabilities at your disposal that you can use to secure your organization.

You can turn on Co-Management with just four clicks and no additional cost – and immediately start using Conditional Access, real-time actions like remote wipe, remote control for PCs, and many more.

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Duration: 2:
Publisher: Microsoft Cloud Platform
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