CockroachDB Dedicated Now Generally Available on Microsft Azure


On Microsoft Azure, the CockroachDB Dedicated service is now available to the general public. This brings the firm one step closer to realizing its goal of a single distributed database that is compatible with AWS, Google Cloud, and now Microsoft Azure and can operate “everywhere and anywhere with ease.”

At its annual customer conference RoachFest, Cockroach Labs, the company behind the cloud-native distributed SQL database CockroachDB, announced that CockroachDB dedicated is now generally available on-demand across all three of the major cloud providers, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform.

The CockroachDB-as-a-Service offering on Microsoft Azure would enable seamless resilience and scalability, operational efficiency, and simple multi-region deployments to support local performance and data compliance. All of this is accomplished while running on and interacting with the Microsoft ecosystem. Users are now able to run applications that are data-intensive “everywhere and anywhere with ease” thanks to CockroachDB’s specific support for the three most popular cloud platforms.

With CockroachDB, businesses have the flexibility to mix workloads between their own data centers and public cloud providers, as well as select between using a single cloud provider or numerous cloud providers at the same time.

“The movement to the cloud is indicative of a massive market shift that could signal the end of market dominance by legacy databases,” said Nate Stewart, Chief Product Officer of Cockroach Labs. “The end of market dominance by legacy databases could signal the end of market dominance by cloud databases. CockroachDB was built from the ground up to operate across any cloud and/or private cloud infrastructure while still remaining true to the consistency and durability of a traditional relational database.”

CockroachDB Serverless

As a cloud-independent, distributed SQL database, CockroachDB would provide flexibility in addition to greater control over operational aspects. The company is collaborating with Microsoft in an effort to assist clients with the digital transformation of their organizations.

Now broadly accessible, CockroachDB’s serverless architecture supports deployment across many regions and the whole world.

Additionally, Cockroach Labs has introduced multi-region capabilities for their consumption-based, auto-scaling product known as CockroachDB serverless. Customers now have the ability to spread rows of data over various cloud regions while still maintaining the ability to operate as a single logical database and pay only for the precise storage and compute requirements. This capability was introduced as a result of an upgrade. The amount of complexity and expense associated with spinning up a new region may rapidly accumulate when using either traditional or current cloud database systems.

CockroachDB serverless currently would allow any company to construct applications that serve a worldwide dispersed user-base at an exceptionally cheap cost and with much simplified operations, therefore making access to a global audience available to businesses of varying sizes.

  • The CockroachDB MOLT Live Migration Service is now an available addition to the CockroachDB MOLT (Migrate Off Legacy Technology) set of tools. This upgrade is part of a series of additional feature enhancements that were made available today. Customers of CockroachDB now have the ability to migrate mission-critical applications to CockroachDB without causing any disruption to end users thanks to this brand new capability, which is now available in Preview. Before moving, teams have the ability to test and verify apps at production scale, which ensures a seamless transfer process and an excellent experience for end users.
  • Enhanced support for Datadog’s observability, as well as migration assistance for Oracle Golden Gate and Debezium.