CodeGuard CEO: “CodeGuard Is More Than Just a Provider of Backups”

CodeGuard CEO and co-founder David Moeller came to CloudFest 2018 last week with the message that CodeGuard is more than just a provider of website backups. Although he is proud of the fact that CodeGuard is delivering 500,000 backups a day for websites worldwide, new products in their portfolio include automatic updating for WordPress plugins and a product that removes malware on the fly.

CodeGuard’s automated backup solution features differential backups and full website recovery. The company’s system uploads website infrastructure and databases to a git repo while sending ‘ChangeAlert’ reports daily. Next to that, users are notified of files being added, changed, or removed.

The company is well-known for delivering these backup services, also within the cloud and hosting industry where it has partnered with some of the largest hosting providers worldwide including RackSpace and HostGator. In this video interview at CloudFest, CodeGuard CEO David Moeller explains what’s more to expect from CodeGuard.