CodeGuard Launches Patented Malware Monitoring and Remediation Service, MalwareGone

CodeGuard, a global provider of cloud website backup services, has announced the release of patented technology which utilizes website backups for automated site remediation in the event of malware. Coupled with CodeGuard‘s ChangeAlert monitoring, which provides insight into new zero-day attacks, MalwareGone would have the potential to transform website protection.

Until now, companies have struggled in fixing sites infected with malware, states CodeGuard -with many relying on humans to provide fixes, while others with clunky automated technology end up causing more damage to sites than help.

Instead of relying on just signatures, MalwareGone utilizes actionable intelligence from ChangeAlerts and examines the collected information. This approach allows the scanner to discover which files act and look like malware.

codeguard cloud website backupMalwareGone is designed to discover viruses, trojans, rootkits, spyware and other malware on any websites. It searches for early-life and next-generation malware – the kind of malware that doesn’t yet have a detection signature. 

“MalwareGone has been a long time coming – we have been waiting for years to release this product”, said David Moeller, CEO of CodeGuard. “The reason there isn’t a product like this on the market is that its foundation is our patented backup technology, which obviously no one else possesses.”

MalwareGone removes persistent threats from within the operating system by utilizing prior backups stored in CodeGuard’s cloud. This would ensure that remediation happens as quickly, efficiently, and accurately as possible – no more destroyed websites from a “fixing” service.

CodeGuard uses a virtual version control system and stores site data in the cloud. Backups are stored as the differential between each daily scan of the site, providing visibility for users into what has changed along with the ability to undo any changes. Restoring a previous version would be as easy as pressing a button.

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