Colocation and Cloud Provider LightEdge Selects ScienceLogic to Provide Hybrid IT Monitoring

LightEdge Solutions, a provider of colocation and IT cloud solutions, has selected ScienceLogic’s hybrid IT monitoring platform to monitor both its customers’ equipment and the infrastructural equipment within its data centers. After an exhaustive analysis of available monitoring technologies, LightEdge decided to not only purchase and implement the ScienceLogic platform, but to also partner with ScienceLogic as a preferred implementation partner.

sciencelogic-it-monitoringBeyond providing colocation and cloud hosting solutions, LightEdge acts as a trusted advisor to its clients with a team of experts certified across all of the technologies they use internally, including ScienceLogic’s platform. ScienceLogic’s Hybrid IT monitoring solution fits the company’s services strategy and quality requirements. As a certified ScienceLogic implementation partner, LightEdge will now be reselling ScienceLogic’s hybrid IT monitoring platform to its clients.

ScienceLogic’s IT Monitoring Solution Was Chosen For:

  • Multi-Tenancy – LightEdge was challenged with ensuring operational efficiency as they scaled and added more customers. The ScienceLogic platform’s highly automated, multi-tenant capabilities removed this barrier. With multiple levels of data segmentation by various profiles including by user, organization, geography and technology, the platform allowed LightEdge to view all of their customers’ environments from one platform for operational use while extending secured visibility for customers via their customer portal.
  • Technology Coverage – Using and managing multiple different technologies exponentially increased the IT management complexity for LightEdge. ScienceLogic’s software dramatically simplified this task. Powered by over 1,000 PowerApps – plug-in monitoring templates covering multiple technologies which are included with the base platform for free – the ScienceLogic software would provide out-of-the-box support for virtually every technology used in the data center and infrastructure.
  • Intelligent, Adaptive Alerting – Improving problem resolution time was a key goal for LightEdge Solutions and their clients. With ScienceLogic, they would benefit from automatic event correlation coupled with automatic actions – reducing the number of alerts received and time to resolution.
LightEdge recently opened the first phase of its 60,000-square-foot colocation facility in Kansas City, located underground in the SubTropolis Technology Center (STC).

” The combination of ease of use, technology coverage, and built-in functions such as runbook automation and ticketing, make ScienceLogic’s platform unparalleled in the market today,” said Jeff Springborn, Chief Operating Officer and President, LightEdge Solutions. “We believe in the technology enough to strategically align with ScienceLogic as an implementation partner and further their expansion into the Midwest.”

Founded in 1996, LightEdge serves both Midwestern and national companies in the U.S. from its five regional office locations. This network, colocation and cloud hosting solutions provider is headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa, and has recently opened the first phase of its 60,000-square-foot colocation facility in Kansas City. The new data center in Kansas City is located underground in the SubTropolis Technology Center (STC), owned and operated by real estate development company Hunt Midwest.