Colocation Company vXchnge to Sponsor Cleantech Innovation Hub, ProspectSV

Prospect Silicon Valley (ProspectSV) is a nonprofit cleantech innovation hub focused on solutions for smarter, cleaner communities and located in San Jose, CA. Colocation data center provider vXchnge is now sponsoring ProspectSV to further their insights into cleantech solutions.

With projects in over 50 cities, leveraging over $60 million in funding and financing, and with more than 25 corporate sponsors, Prospect Silicon Valley (ProspectSV) – in partnership with state and local governments – is an organization providing support to more than 25 startups that have raised over $145M in follow-on funding and created hundreds of jobs.

As more businesses are turning to colocation services to expand their IT capacity, they would be looking for offerings that not only provide 24/7 availability but also ensure that applications run at optimal efficiency. In order to maintain its competitive edge, vXchnge will leverage ProspectSV’s ecosystem of industry experts, energy efficiency and clean power innovators to deliver its vXchnge’s ‘Data-Center-as-a-Service’ solutions.

“Working with ProspectSV will further our insights to architect energy-efficient and cleantech solutions that benefit our sustainability initiatives,” said Ernest Sampera, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of vXchnge. “Being efficient with sustainability provides value to our customers and further enriches the enablement of smart communities.”

Capitalizing on the diversity of its ecosystem, which includes leading-edge technology startups, early adopters in both the private and public sectors, energy experts in universities, national labs and partner entrepreneurial support organizations, ProspectSV would provide market insight and technical guidance through programs tailored to meet vXchnge’s needs.

ProspectSV Ecosystem

vXchnge would bring added value to the ProspectSV ecosystem by helping energy innovators better understand the power and operational requirements of data center service providers, thereby fostering the development of new and improved solutions.

“We are excited about the opportunity to work with vXchnge in their efforts to redefine data center offerings for the growing market of companies that rely on such services to efficiently and cost effectively grow their businesses,” said Ruth Cox, CEO of ProspectSV. “vXchnge recognizes the importance of energy efficiency and sustainability in the delivery of these services, a value we share, and we look forward to working with them to identify the technologies that will distinguish their services as the market evolves.”