Colocation Facility Inside Norwegian Mountain Gets Mirror Location, Smedvig Group to Invest $84M

Inside Green Mountain Data Centre

Green Mountain Data Centre, based on the island of Rennesøy in Rogaland, Norway, has chosen Rjukan in Telemark as mirroring base for a new colocation facility investment. Parent company Smedvig Group plans to invest more than NOK 600 million – about $84 million – over the next years in Rjukan.

Green Mountain Data Centre, naturally cooled and protected by the rocky environment in a former NATO bunker, inside a mountain in a Norwegian fjord, is a highly energy-efficient colocation facility that uses only local, renewable energy. This green data center reckons the largest bank in Norway, DNB, to its clients. The new data center investment in Rjukan follows demand and desire among engaged clients for a twin data center location in addition to the company’s premises on Rennesøy in Rogaland.

100 years of history in 2015

Its parent company, Smedvig Group, has acquired some properties and already started construction of the new data center in Rjukan. The first stage of development has been initiated whereas the colocation facility will be operative in 2014. As the fjord-cooled data center is one of the greenest data centers in the world, the new colocation facility will again get a highly green profile.

Due to the abundant supply of renewable energy and the cool climate, it is a trend that major data center players are establishing sites in Northern Europe. For example, Facebook has decided to build in Sweden whereas Google and Microsoft have chosen Finland. Norway has one of the largest shares of renewable energy in Europe and the production is increasing. This would make Norway well suited for a green colocation development like this.

The Smedvig Group, a family owned business headquartered in Stavanger, with offices in Lillehammer and London, is celebrating 100 years of history in 2015. Its history is dominated by shipping activities up to the 70’s, thereafter also oil services and property. Today the group is out of shipping and oil service, with data centers among its long term investment projects.