Colocation Firm CoreSite Unveils 100G Metro Interconnection Product

CoreSite booth

The metro inter-site product from CoreSite, a subsidiary of American Tower Corporation (NYSE: AMT) and a supplier of colocation and hybrid IT solutions, now offers 100G bandwidth. By linking networks, applications, and data in the same market, this enhanced solution from CoreSite’s interconnection portfolio enables organizations to integrate and securely scale their essential IT infrastructure.

While CoreSite’s colocation solutions give networks, clouds, and businesses a centralized location to house their physical infrastructure and effectively exchange traffic with one another, the company’s interconnection services are the physical connections between those businesses that make this data exchange possible.

Matt Senderhauf, VP of Interconnections Strategy and Product Management at CoreSite
“Over the years, CoreSite has built a robust IT solution nexus that provides enterprises with a variety of secure, reliable interconnection options,” said Matt Senderhauf, VP of Interconnections Strategy and Product Management at CoreSite.

Users may overcome capacity or network access limits at their initial data center and develop within a region or expand to other areas thanks to CoreSite’s inter-site and inter-market connectivity, which offers a variety of service choices and a virtual extension across data center locations. Colocation clients may choose from one Gbps, 10 Gbps, and 100 Gbps of the high-speed bandwidth options needed for communication within the same market thanks to the new metro inter-site ethernet product.

“The launch of CoreSite’s metro inter-site product demonstrates our commitment to deliver on a product roadmap designed to give a wide range of customers innovative connectivity solutions that increase performance and efficiency while reducing total cost of ownership (TCO),” said Matt Senderhauf, Vice President of Interconnections Strategy and Product Management at CoreSite. “Over the years, CoreSite has built a robust IT solution nexus that provides enterprises with a variety of secure, reliable interconnection options within an ecosystem of more than 775 networks, cloud and IT service providers residing in our data centers.”

Access to Cloud Providers

To sum up, CoreSite’s suite of interconnection solutions now includes the following:

  • Blended IP – CoreSite’s ‘Blended IP’ would offer a rapid setup, variable bandwidth options, and single connections for traditional connectivity and completely redundant connections for mission-critical applications, making it the perfect answer for production level internet requirements.
  • Cross connects – Customers can connect directly to networks, cloud providers, and other business partners within CoreSite’s data centers via cross connects, which are physical wires. By allowing traffic interchange, CoreSite’s cross connect products give customers access to a dynamic ecosystem of customer networks, strengthening network resilience and improving disaster recovery.
  • Direct connect services to leading public clouds – In order to increase security and reliability, boost performance, and cut costs, CoreSite provides 23 ‘native cloud onramps’ or direct connections to popular cloud services like AWS Direct Connect, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute, Alibaba Cloud, Oracle FastConnect, and IBM Cloud Direct Link.
  • Peering exchanges – One of the biggest Internet Exchanges on the West Coast and in the Rocky Mountain area, the Any2Exchange for Internet peering has more than 450 members countrywide. In addition, the business collaborates with leading internet exchanges including AMS-IX, DE-CIX, LINX, NYIIX, United IX, and BBIX to provide clients with native connectivity and peering alternatives inside CoreSite’s data center locations.
  • Open Cloud Exchange (OCX) – This top interconnection platform would offer great connectivity and a linked partner ecosystem required to expand into new markets, scale quickly on-demand, lower TCO, and quicken IT transformation. In order to facilitate quick site-to-site and multicloud communication, the OCX is a national software-defined network that supports private virtual connections.