Colocation Provider Equinix Still Investigating Ransomware Attack

Equinix data centerAfter Equinix was hit by a ransomware attack last week and a number of internal systems of the global colocation conglomerate were affected, the company – until yesterday – kept us updated through its corporate blog. Equinix now lets us know that it will continue its mitigation efforts, but their blog updates have stopped.

“Our mitigation efforts have yielded full containment of the recent cybersecurity incident. While we continue to investigate and interact directly with employees, customers and partners as appropriate, we will no longer be providing daily updates,” stated Equinix.

Equinix emphasized that their data centers and the services being offered, including its managed services, have remained fully operational. Since most customers have their own equipment deployed in Equinix’s data centers, the incident would have no impact on clients’ operations or on the data stored on their equipment at Equinix data centers. The company stated it also succeeded in maintaining its customer service support at the desired level.