Colocation Provider InfoRelay Announces Partnership with AWS to Offer Customers Hybrid Cloud Options

Colocation provider InfoRelay Online Systems, Inc. has announced their recent partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS Cloud), which will offer customers the benefit of hybrid data center solutions. By becoming an AWS Partner, InfoRelay has effectively converged cloud and colocation.

inforelay-online-systemsThe converged solutions would allow existing and new customers to virtually extend their physical infrastructure with on-demand cloud computing resources. The seamless platform will allow clients to spin up cloud instances for development or production use, on the same network as their physical infrastructure.

Amazon’s Web Services suite will be available to customers at InfoRelay’s four Northern Virginia data centers and three colocation facilities in Los Angeles, California.

“Connecting to AWS Cloud is part of our overall goal of empowering our customers through colocation and cloud services,” said Josh Abraham, Director of Product Development, InfoRelay. “We want them to be able to succeed and have seamless connectivity whether they run services on their equipment, on the InfoRelay cloud or on AWS.”

Hybrid Cloud Model

Enterprises with predictable computing requirements that have occasional or seasonal bursts in traffic can save money by colocating equipment to handle their typical requirements. With InfoRelay’s hybrid cloud model, these businesses can burst into the cloud during peak traffic times to accommodate additional network activity.

AWS Cloud will be available to customers at InfoRelay’s four Northern Virginia data centers, including its colocation facility in Herndon, Virginia.

Conversely, companies that have complex storage requirements can operate their own hardware in conjunction with cloud-based storage services, such as Amazon S3. These services can be accessed via direct connection to the customer’s cabinet or cage at the InfoRelay data center.

“I’ve been a long-time proponent of leveraging the benefits of cloud technologies, however, many of our clients have found that cloud is not always a replacement for colocation or data centers,” said InfoRelay President, Russell Weiss. “It’s all about using the right tool for the job, and now InfoRelay offers both,” stated Weiss.

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