Colocation Provider Telx Opens Up Its MarketplacePORTAL To Non-Members

Telx, a colocation and connectivity provider with 20 data centers located across 13 U.S. markets, has opened up its MarketplacePORTAL to non-members for the first time, allowing companies to tap into and connect with the Telx ecosystem without having to register for the site.

MarketplacePORTAL was launched in 2012 to provide businesses with a single solution to not only monitor operations but also to drive new business across Telx‘s customer-base. Featuring virtual storefronts for over 900 customers and partners, MarketplacePORTAL provides an interactive, public facing customer list.

Today, companies can build tailored profiles to network and connect with other businesses and send and receive product quotes, a feature previously accessible only behind a login ID and password.


colocation-usaAdditional features of the MarketplacePORTAL include online vertical communities used to target specific audiences for networking and market trend insight. For logged in users, matchmaking alerts are provided including a LIVE tool for creating meetings and sending messages for Telx’s MarketplaceLIVE biannual events. The portal can also be used to view and manage purchased Telx goods, including opening new Cross Connect orders, auditing colocation facility space and power, interconnection inventory, facility and user access, as well as issuing invoices and trouble tickets.

“Over the years we’ve built MarketplacePORTAL into a powerful community for our customers,” said Chris Downie, Chief Executive Officer at Telx. ” Making it publicly accessible is the logical next step in expanding its reach and potential. At Telx, we think of ourselves as more than just a data center company and colocation provider; we provide and create essential connections for our customers. And I’m not just talking about fiber-optic cables – with MarketplacePORTAL and MarketplaceLIVE, we’re bringing our customers together online and in-person to help them do better business across the board.”