Cologix Access Marketplace Expands To New Jersey And Silicon Valley

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U.S. hyperscale edge data center and network-neutral connectivity provider Cologix has addedd Cologix Access Marketplace in its colocation data centers in Silicon Valley and New Jersey. This service is now available in the 11 markets where Cologix operates its over 40 digital edge and Scalelogix hyperscale edge data centers.

The Cologix Access Marketplace allows users to connect with a completely self-service web gateway. Clients of Cologix would be able to connect on-demand to major cloud providers including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute, Google Cloud Interconnect, Oracle FastConnect, and Internet Exchanges (IXs) housed in Cologix colocation facilities, in addition to gaining full control over their environment.

Cologix Access Marketplace would be growing quickly to showcase the company’s portfolio of interconnection partners, including more than 700 networks, 350 cloud providers and 30 North American onramps that make up Cologix’s ecosystem.

“Cologix is providing one of the most open, flexible and automated interconnection exchanges in the market today,” said Chris Heinrich, Chief Revenue Officer at Cologix. Cologix Access Marketplace puts our customers in the driver’s seat. In minutes, customers can choose whom they want to connect with, when and for how long from our robust ecosystem of cloud and network providers.”

Connectivity Providers

Chris Heinrich, Chief Revenue Officer at Cologix
“Cologix Access Marketplace puts our customers in the driver’s seat,” said Chris Heinrich, Chief Revenue Officer at Cologix.

“Through Cologix Access Marketplace, customers can initiate and manage connections with any Cologix ecosystem partner autonomously with the speed, simplicity and flexibility required to support business-critical digital transformation,” said Neal Elinski, General Manager of Software Engineering at Cologix. “With lower latency, better accessibility and faster throughput to meet increasing data gravity at the digital edge, our customers will have instant access to the right services at the right time to meet their changing business needs.”

Clients would utilize the portal to choose options from a prominent list of connectivity providers by connection type and geographic availability on the website’s user interface. The service is intuitively created with use and simplicity in mind, according to Cologix. Additionally, Cologix would place a focus on customer choice in the layout of its interface.

“Unlike other network and cloud exchanges, with Cologix, client options are not in the least bit constrained,” added Mr. Elinski. “Cologix gives its customers the choice to decide which providers they want to connect with. We want to ensure our customers have complete freedom to work with their preferred providers.”