ColoHouse Acquires Quonix, Data102 and Turnkey Internet

Worldwide colocation, cloud and managed services provider, ColoHouse, a company with operations at 26 locations in 21 cities in North America, Europe, and Asia, is continuing its acquisition strategy with the purchase of Turnkey Internet, Quonix, and Data102.

This acquisition expands the ColoHouse portfolio by three locations and over 300 colocation customers in Albany, NY, Philadelphia, PA, and Colorado Springs, CO. Furthermore, Turnkey Internet, a major provider of bare metal servers and services, will add another 1,500 clients to ColoHouse’s client base, bolstering the company’s bare metal capabilities. Financial terms of the three acquisitions were not disclosed by ColoHouse.

“2021 continues to be the year of formulating the perfect group of exemplary companies and teams to create a best-in-class colocation, cloud, and services company,” said Paul Bint, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at ColoHouse. “The Quonix Group acquisition includes ColoHouse’s first foray into building ownership with the Turnkey Internet facility in Albany, NY. This is an exciting milestone for us as a growing team. In the last year, ColoHouse will have grown its data center footprint by 600% in the United States, supercharging our service offerings. The leadership teams are trailblazing our organization into an enterprise brand, using our multiple locations, talent, and service portfolios to be best in class.”

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Photo Paul Bint, CEO at ColoHouse
In the last year, ColoHouse will have grown its data center footprint by 600% in the United States, supercharging our service offerings,” said Paul Bint, CEO at ColoHouse.

Bare Metal Servers

“With the addition of the Quonix Group, ColoHouse will be significantly expanding its bare metal offering. ColoHouse is no stranger to the bare metal game,” said Adam Wills, CEO at Turnkey Internet. “Since 2018, ColoHouse has offered bare metal and dedicated servers as part of their portfolio. “Turnkey Internet, as one of the leaders in the bare metal space, will be able to provide the technical expertise, personnel, and strategic planning to scale into our other US locations including Miami, New York, Dallas, and Phoenix alongside our entry into the European market. Our existing customers will continue to work with the same people they always have. The Turnkey Internet team is looking forward to providing nothing short of amazing solutions across a diverse geographic network and data center provider.”

Based in Colorado, ColoHouse was recently funded by Valterra Partners in order to become a dominating data center and cloud solutions firm capable of meeting their clients’ complicated demands. ColoHouse and its investors want to continue to expand the company through smart acquisitions in order to offer a single supplier alternative for its clients.

“ColoHouse’s acquisition of the Quonix family gives our customers the resources, structure, and geographic footprint necessary to meet their growing technology needs with one provider,” said Randal Kohutek, CTO at Data102 and ColoHouse’s new SVP, Managed Services. “ColoHouse is leading the way by offering one-stop colocation, cloud, and now bare metal services, across numerous locations. The vision for ColoHouse is extraordinary, and I am looking forward to our customers, both new and existing, growing with us. It’s an exciting time.”

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