Colorado Data Center Company Expands Cloud Services with New All-SSD VPS Offering

Data102, a Colorado Springs IT services provider and data center company, has announced the release of a new virtual private server (VPS hosting) platform, the latest in a series of new cloud hosting products now being made available to customers in Colorado and throughout the globe.

These cloud virtual private servers would provide a month-to-month, low-cost, hassle-free option for small and medium sized businesses looking to avoid the high startup costs and maintenance required by traditional dedicated servers. Data102 maintains the virtual private servers in its downtown Colorado Springs data center.

data-102-virtual-serversWith Data102’s new online portal, customers would be able to have a virtual machine built and ready to go in mere minutes. Term contracts are not required, and upgrades are instantaneous.

The new VPS hosting offering provided by Data102 is an all-SSD platform. Each Cloud VPS from Data102 utilizes a 40gbps network to connect each server to the “high speed,” protected storage.

The new VPS offering from Data102 runs on Linux well-known KVM virtualization and would take advantage of the feature rich OnApp orchestration platform. OnApp allows for the automatic provisioning of Windows, Linux, and FreeBSD operating systems and provides users with an “easy-to-use” HTML5 console interface.

“The performance of our new VPS platform is orders of magnitude greater than our previous system,” said Travis Taylor, Vice President of Business Development, Data102. “Our customers will see the difference, but we’re not stopping there. We already have plans in place to add additional cloud services to complement our VPS platform in the coming months. Cloud technology is improving all the time, so we are working hard to stay ahead of the pack.”

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