Colt Expands NaaS Offering to 27 Countries, Launches Eco-Friendly vRouter

Colt TechnologiesProvider of digital infrastructure, Colt Technology Services, has expanded the availability of its Internet On Demand service, a Network as a Service (NaaS) offering, to ten more countries: the US, Canada, Australia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Luxembourg, Poland, Romania, Serbia, and Slovakia. With this extension, 27 more countries in Europe, Asia, and North America will be able to use Colt’s Internet On Demand offering.

The action was taken in response to companies entering new markets and their increasing need for automated and adaptable digital infrastructure solutions. Colt has launched an energy-efficient virtual router (vRouter) in the UK and France in conjunction with this expansion, and it intends to roll it out in more areas later this year.

Colt’s Network as a Service solution, Colt Internet On Demand, was originally introduced in 2017. In 2019, the company unveiled their scalable Internet On Demand service globally. This service was developed to meet the growing need in the industry by giving companies the freedom to use digital infrastructure on demand, as required. This feature would be very helpful for risk mitigation, cost management, and cutting down on wasteful energy use. A growing number of business-critical digital services, like AI and collaboration applications, are reliant on flexibility. For this reason, features like pay-as-you-go billing and real-time network access can be quite essential.

Colt vRouter

Colt‘s dedication to sustainability and innovation is shown by the way its virtual router is designed, with the goal of helping companies meet their sustainability goals and lessen their carbon impact. By operating in the cloud, the vRouter would offer energy and space savings in contrast to typical hardware routers that take up space on-premises. It offers virtual network capabilities on demand using a centralized, completely automated platform.

Vice President of Colt’s infrastructure and connectivity solutions, Peter Coppens, underlined the evolving nature of corporate application sharing and consumption. “The way businesses and their employees consume and share applications has changed hugely, even since we launched Internet On Demand in 2019,” said Peter Coppens. He brought to light the need for self-service alternatives, feature automation, and pricing structures based on bandwidth utilization among enterprises. Mr. Coppens saw the growing tendency of companies searching foreign markets for fresh sources of income. “Our Internet On Demand solution fits all their needs from an economic and environmental standpoint, and we’re excited to bring it to even more countries.”

Colt recently conducted a study with 755 IT executives across Europe and Asia, which highlighted the increasing significance of on-demand connectivity. According to the research, 20% of respondents said it was absolutely necessary for their operations, and 76% of respondents said it was important. The increasing dependence on adaptable, eco-friendly, and productive digital infrastructure solutions – like Colt’s virtual router and Internet On Demand service – would highlight the vital role that these developments play in meeting the changing demands of modern enterprises.