Combining Wavelength with Network APIs to enable AI on the edge | Amazon Web Services

AWS Wavelength embeds cloud computing capabilities directly into the public 5G network of operators to enable customers to fully leverage the cloud at the edge for new innovation. The panel discusses how telecom operators can provide an improved user experience by exposing 5G network capabilities to developers who combine the power of the network with the cloud computing at the edge, looking at the example of Cinfo who realized common APIs across operators with Telefonica and Vodafone.

David Del Val Latorre, Programmable Networks Director, Telefonica
Jaime Diez, Head of MPN, Cloud and Edge Product Engineering, Vodafone
Antonio Del Corral, CEO, Cinfo
Asif Khan, Senior Software Development Manager, AWS
Mohit Gupta, Product Lead, AWS Wavelength (5G Public MEC) , AWS

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