Command-line Your Way to PaaS Productivity With DigitalOcean App Platform

Live-coding demo using Terraform to deploy both DigitalOcean App Platform apps and traditional IaaS components that work together.

Ready to automate your App Platform deployments? DigitalOcean’s command line tool doctl allows you to upload a complete spec of your app, including multiple components, and deploy your entire app all at once. In this live coding session, we explore the App Platform spec and deploy a static site, web app and database all at once with a single command.

About the Presenter
Mason Egger is currently a Developer Advocate at DigitalOcean specializing in cloud infrastructure, distributed systems, and Python. Prior to his work at DigitalOcean he was an SRE helping build and maintain a highly available hybrid multicloud PaaS. He is an avid programmer, musician, educator, and writer/blogger.


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Duration: 00:17:59
Publisher: DigitalOcean
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