Community Day Session 3 | Applying Principles of Chaos Engineering to Serverless

Chaos engineering focuses on improving system resilience through controlled experiments, exposing the inherent chaos and failure modes in our system before they manifest in production and impact users. However, much of the publicized tools and articles focus on killing Amazon EC2 instances, and the efforts in the serverless community have been largely limited to moving those tools into Lambda functions. How can we apply the same principles of chaos to a serverless architecture built around AWS Lambda functions? Can we adapt existing practices to expose the inherent chaos in these systems? What are the limitations and new challenges that we need to consider? Watch and find out. Catch up on the excitement of re:Invent 2018 with the AWS launchpad featuring launch announcements, demos of newly launched technology, interviews with expert guests and live Q&A. AWS re:Invent is a tech education conference for the global cloud computing community hosted by Amazon Web Services. See all recordings of the AWS Launchpad at re:Invent here: and learn more about AWS live streaming here:

Duration: 43:48
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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