Commvault Expands Protection Offerings for Kubernetes Workloads


Commvault, a pioneer in enterprise data management for on-premises, cloud, and SaaS environments, has introduced enhanced protection for Kubernetes workloads across its entire portfolio, including fully automated management, replication, migration, and security features. The new features would provide users easy administration and business-grade security for hybrid, multi-cloud settings through the Commvault Complete Data Protection and Metallic products.

Kubernetes is being used by businesses in greater numbers as a way to upgrade existing infrastructures and quicken the transition of applications to the cloud. By 2025, 85 percent of worldwide organizations will be using containerized applications in production, predicts Gartner.

The most recent enhancements to Kubernetes data protection by Commvault would include the following:

  • For the whole Kubernetes ecosystem, including full clusters, namespaces, ETCD and SSL certification protection, complete, cloud-native protection and recoverability is provided
  • With “seamless” migrations of Kubernetes applications between clusters, distributions, versions, and storage, development testing and lifecycle events would be quicker and easier
  • Disaster recovery that is both “affordable and effective” may be achieved by moving offshore business-critical applications in favor of on-demand application recovery

Banking and Healthcare

Nigel Poulton, Kubernetes author, trainer and evangelist
“Having spent a lot of time in this space, it’s exciting to see long-term industry leaders taking it seriously,” said Nigel Poulton, Kubernetes author, trainer and evangelist.

“I’m genuinely excited that Commvault’s announcements are bringing world-class data management solutions to Kubernetes,” said Nigel Poulton, Kubernetes author, trainer and evangelist. “Having spent a lot of time in this space, it’s exciting to see long-term industry leaders taking it seriously – something that’s essential for industries like banking and healthcare where the full spectrum of protection must be in place before they can deploy any new workloads into the enterprise.”

“Using Commvault’s single platform, we are able to proactively monitor and assess risks, mitigate cyberthreats to the business, and protect all workloads, including Kubernetes, in multi-clouds – reducing our OPEX by up to 40 percent compared to the previous solutions,” said Bruno Bianchini, Head of Infrastructure & Technological Services – Global Digital Solutions, ENEL. “Commvault proved to be the most effective solution to support our growth strategy and continue our digital transformation journey, without impacting productivity and customer service.”