Compark Data Center Features

Colorado is home to five Denver-metro Peak 10 + ViaWest data centers, offering secure and reliable colocation, network, compliance, security, disaster recovery and cloud services for complete hybrid IT support. Denver is one of the most secure colocation and hosting locations available, both technologically and environmentally. Additionally, Denver is a fast-growing technology and innovation hub.

With over 140,000 square-feet of raised floor, the Compark data center, located in the Denver metropolitan area, is one of the largest raised-floor data halls in the world. It has module-redundant UPS power equipment and multiple redundant fiber-optic telecommunication networks. This means your mission-critical data is always available. With proprietary cooling units capable of 6,000 tons of redundant, fault-tolerant capacity, 24-foot ceilings and a pressurized raised floor, Compark offers exceptional cage and cabinet flexibility. Capable of accommodating power densities surpassing 50 kilowatts per cabinet, Compark can support the high power requirements of hyperconverged infrastructure and other memory-intensive and latency-sensitive applications.

Compark also features a cloud node, bringing lower latency, premium connectivity and advanced hardware for customers serving the Rocky Mountain region. Additionally, Compark is connected to our 100-gigabit network backbone and has geographic redundancy via other Peak 10 + ViaWest data centers. Managed IP bandwidth with distributed denial of service protection is included.

But we know that technology alone is not enough to make an outstanding data center. Our 24×7 on-site engineers and service staff are the experts that set our data centers apart. Our dedicated, on-site staff of trained engineers help maintain uptime through remote hands capabilities, ticket tracking, event notification and more.

We’re so confident in our infrastructure, network and services that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee as well as a 100% service level agreement for power, bandwidth and network services.

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Publisher: Peak 10 + ViaWest
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