Compass Datacenters CEO, Chris Crosby, Shares his Predictions for 2016

Chris Crosby, CEO of Dallas-based Compass Datacenters, has announced a few data center-focused predictions for 2016. Especially ‘edge data centers’ are going to emerge as a big trend, according to Mr. Crosby.

“Companies will be altering their data center strategies to include smaller data centers closer to customers in order to reduce latency and provide better performance,” said Chris Crosby. “One or more large enterprises will make major announcements unveiling five year strategic plans to build smaller 1-3MW edge data centers in Tier 2 and Tier 3 markets.”

Chris Crosby believes the cost of water will become a much larger factor in data center decisions for companies.

Mr. Crosby also believes that the combination of IoT (Internet of Things) implementations and large packet content delivery applications are going to put a lot of pressure on data centers and networks. “This is going to drive a lot of companies to re-examine their data center strategy,” said Mr. Crosby. “It will lead to a lot of presentations at IT/data center trade shows about the challenges of bandwidth and latency in the era of IoT and large packet content.”

And he believes the cost of water will become a much larger factor in data center decisions for companies, in a way that it will have a significant impact on their cooling strategies. Crosby: “As a result, airside solutions are going to become the preferred mode of cooling in data centers below 5MW in size.”

Compass Datacenters is a Dallas-based data center company founded in 2011. Chris Crosby is the founder and CEO of Compass Datacenters, with over 20 years of technology experience and over 15 years of real estate and investment experience. Previously, Mr. Crosby served as a Senior Vice President and founding member of Digital Realty Trust.