Complete Production Observability With OpenCensus (Cloud Next '19)

Since its announcement early last year, OpenCensus has become the best way to get distributed traces and metrics out of your application so that you can observe its operation. OpenCensus has been a hit across the industry, and its community and implementors now include Google, Microsoft, Oracle, Pivotal, and major Fortune 500 companies.

In this session you will:
– Discover how easy it is to gain observability into your production services

– See a live demonstration of instrumenting an app from scratch and using the data to solve real production problems

– Learn how to extract traces, metrics, and *logs* from your applications

– Discover how OpenCensus can now be used to capture telemetry from mobile applications, web clients, and infrastructure

– See how to apply advanced concepts like tail-based trace sampling

– Learn about developments in the OpenCensus community and how you can contribute

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Speaker(s): Morgan McLean, Sergey Kanzhelev, Steve Flanders

Session ID: OPS201
product:Stackdriver; fullname:Morgan McLean;

Duration: 34:36
Publisher: Google Cloud
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