Computacenter UK Partners with Cirrus Data Solutions for Conducting Large-Scale Data Center Migrations

Computacenter UK, a global provider of independent IT infrastructure services with Infrastructure Operations Centers and Service Desks across Europe, South Africa and Asia, has announced a partnership with data migration appliances provider, Cirrus Data Solutions. The partnership would empower enterprises throughout EMEA the opportunity to conduct large-scale data center migrations with zero downtime and no infrastructure changes.

Cirrus Data Solutions is the developer of Data Migration Server (DMS), proprietary software that supports all types of data migration schemes including: local storage refresh and local-to-remote (data center moves), legacy-to-cloud (physical to virtual), cloud-to-cloud, cloud-to-datacenter, and other common storage management practices.

“Until now, the cost to business of bringing a system down to conduct a large scale data migration could often prove prohibitive,” said Bill McGloin, chief technologist, Computacenter UK. “By partnering with Cirrus Data Solutions, we can continue to help our customers through their digital transformation by offering migration services that provide cost-effective, resilient and scalable infrastructures, with no interruption of services and no changes to existing host servers, FC switches, and storage.”

cirrus data migrationData Migration Server is based upon proprietary technology called ‘Transparent Datapath Intercept’ which was built on the notion that data appliances should look like a wire when installed into a live SAN. Because of this intercept, the Cirrus server can be installed in-line between the switch and the storage unit with as much ease as changing a Fiber Channel cable. The install would take five seconds per path.

“Data migration continues to be a major pain for organisations that have outgrown their storage infrastructure needs,” said Guillaume Imberti, Cirrus Data VP, EMEA. “Lack of flexible storage options severely limits a company’s ability to grow and mine its data for applications, research and profits. Computacenter has been providing IT infrastructure services for nearly 35 years, so we are especially honored to partner with Computacenter to bring true plug-and-play technology to the EMEA marketplace.”

Headquartered in Long Island, New York, Cirrus Data Solutions is a developer of software for data migrations and caching for enterprise data centers and storage area networks (SANs). Its software appliances are sold/licensed through a network of systems integrators and channel partners including Cognizant, Dell, Fujitsu, IBM and Datalink.