Compuverde, a provider of software-defined storage, delivering ‘enterprise-grade’ general vNAS file systems, hyper-converged virtualization and hybrid cloud support, has announced its Hybrid Cloud v1.0 solution that would combine the flexibility of software-defined storage (SDS) with the ability to synchronize two-way data traffic among multiple data centers.

The company from Sweden has launched its Hybrid Cloud v1.0 solution for businesses that are seeking ways to meet growing storage demands while enabling performance and reliability at reduced costs. The web-scale architecture of Hybrid Cloud v1.0 would enable the kind of flexibility and performance that is critical to the future of data centers and the further growth of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Scalable Storage Solution

Hybrid Cloud v1.0 would meet the needs of those looking for a scalable storage solution, a shared storage solution or a storage solution that is “seamlessly” integrated through all services. Benefits would include:

  • Disaster Recovery – Hybrid Cloud v1.0 supports disaster recovery scenarios where snapshots from one data center can be mounted onto up to 16 different locations. These data center locations can be connected over the Internet, getting rid of strict network requirements and eliminating “hardware compatibility” lists, allowing users the complete freedom to choose their setups.
  • Continuous and future-proof – The solution would enable the data center provider to deliver a continuous, positive user experience and make its solution both flexible and future-proof, with the ability to scale as needed and in the way that best suits the customer’s needs.
  • Easily configurable and maintainable – Hybrid Cloud v1.0 would offer high performance, low latency and linear scaling of resources. Partial file updates would use minimum network bandwidth while maintaining complete synchronization between file shares at various data sites.

“Software-defined storage solutions should offer flexibility without restricting the user in any way. Enterprises and data center professionals will benefit from the Hybrid Cloud v1.0 solution because it offers multi-location storage, flexibility and the opportunity for continuous storage growth,” said Stefan Bernbo, CEO and founder of Compuverde. “Customers can forget about all the complexities of maintaining data at different sites and concentrate on growing their businesses.”

Compuverde is based in Sweden while delivering its services globally. Its patented unified solution would offer a “flexible, user-friendly and cost-efficient” SDS storage solution while being able to easily scale to hundreds of nodes, exabytes of data and billions of files.